Legion Pulse Pre Workout Review – 3 Days 3 Doses Review

Pulse Pre Workout Watermelon

Pulse is the flagship pre-workout for Legion Athletics. Legion, which was created because it’s co-founder Mike Matthews wanted to create “healthy, high-quality sports supplements based on sound science, and to sell them honestly at a fair price”

Legion Pulse

  • Price: $40.00 (Retail)
  • Best Place to Buy: Amazon.com
  • Size of Container: 522.5g (1.15lb)
  • Serving Per Container: 22 Servings
  • My Rating: 8.5/10

Mike Matthews ran into the problem most of us ran into when we were at your local vitamin store.

Which product should I get? Does this one have a lot of fillers? Is the employee telling the truth or does this product just give them a higher commission?

Legion wanted to change the supplement industry for the better.

Well, that sounds great, but how does the product actually stand up to Legion’s mission statement?

Well a couple of days ago I have picked up own bottle of Legion Pulse, well I didn’t pick it up but I ordered it through Amazon so it was delivered. When I was ordering it I couldn’t really decide on what flavor I was going to go with, but I ended up settling for the watermelon flavor.

On the label, it indicates that a serving size for Pulse is two rounded scoops. For this review, I will be using Pulse on 3 separate days and documenting how each day went. The first day I will be only using 1 scoop, on the second day it will be 1.5 scoops, and on the third day I will be using the serving size suggestion of 2 rounded scoops.

If you have never heard of pre-workout before check out my other post about when you should take pre-workout.

Pulse Ingredients

Pulse IngredientsWell, let’s take a quick look at the label here and see what Legion has put in their pre-workout:

  • Caffeine 350mg – We all know what caffeine is for, and keep in mind an average cup of coffee is about 100 mg and a 16oz can of Monster energy drink has 160mg. This is a little more than a pick me up.
  • L-Theanine 350mgL-Theanine is an amino acid that is most commonly found in tea leaves and a small amounts in Bay Bolete mushrooms. It can be found in both green and black tea. There has been research that shows that this amino acid can provide relaxation without creating drowsiness.
  • Citrulline Malate 8gCitrulline Malate is the amino acid L-citrulline bound with malic acid, a natural substance found in many fruits that is involved in the creation of cellular energy. Studies have shown that citrulline will help provide you with more muscle endurance, reduced soreness and improves aerobic performance.
  • Beta-Alanine 4.8g – Have you ever taken pre-workout and felt that little tingling feeling? Well, more than likely the pre-workout you were taking contained beta-alanine. This non-essential beta-amino acid has shown in research that it could help you increase the workload that you can do at high intensities.
  • Betaine 2.5gAlso known by the scientific name Trimethylglycine, Betaine is an amino acid that is commonly found from beets. Similar to creatine, increased intracellular concentrations of cetaine promote cell hydration and resilience to stressors. Some preliminary studies with Betaine have shown that it increased strength and endurance, but the reason why Betaine helps is not yet fully understood. The current understanding of it that the effect of Betaine somehow protects the cells of your muscles from the damage that is normally done. Which in theory would help you be able to train for longer and potentially feel stronger.
  • L-Ornithine 2.2gL-Ornithine is an amino acid that is the main part of the metabolic cycle known as the urea cycle or also known as the ornithine cycle. This amino acid is a non-essential amino acid because your body naturally produces it. Studies have shown that it has the potential to reduce fatigue while having a consistent workload by making the body consume energy more efficiently.
  • Other Ingredients: This whole list is pretty much some natural flavors and some ingredients to make your pre-workout not clump together and mix better,

Well at a quick glance at the ingredients it looks like Pulse has 6 main ingredients here. All of these are natural ingredients and there is a lot of the ingredients, Most of these doses are leaning on the higher end. Some pre-workout supplements don’t even have as much dose of ingredients that Pulse has and that is counting fillers.

Check out this video these ingredients are explained a bit more in detail from Legion Athletics.

The Taste

So with any supplement, I think most of us enjoy things that are generally more on the better tasting side. I kept my expectations for taste down just knowing that Legion states that their product has no artificial sweeteners’, or flavoring.

Pulse comes in 6 different flavors:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Watermelon
  • Green Apple
  • Grape
  • Cherry Limeade

Let’s see how this pre-workout tastes, you don’t remember I mentioned before that I was using the watermelon one. So for each day, I mixed my pre-workout with 10oz of water.

I have to say out of the 3 days my favorite as far as how my pre-workout tasted was definitely the first day when I only used 1 scoop. The two natural sweeteners’ stevia and erythritol definitely do their job and the flavor tastes great with 1 scoop. It definitely tasted like it was watermelon candy.

The second day when I used 1.5 scoops I didn’t notice a super big difference the watermelon flavor was just a little bit sweeter.

The third day with the 2 scoops was just ugh. I felt like it made the watermelon flavor super strong and it left a little bit of a medicine taste afterward. It still wasn’t bad though, I have definitely tasted worse tasting pre-workout supplements.

So the taste gets a thumbs up from me. It is definitely not the best tasting pre-workout out there, but for what it is with the all natural sweeteners’ its pretty good.

The First Feels

“My spidey senses are tingling!”, comic book reference, if you don’t understand I am sorry, huge nerd here.

Anyways, so considering that beta-alanine is one of the ingredients of Pulse one of the first feelings that comes in is the tingling feeling that you feel on your skin.

This started about 20 minutes in on each day. As the dose of pre-workout I took each day went up the tingling feeling was also a little more intense feeling each day.

For me normally whenever I first start feeling the tingling feeling is when I start warming up and stretching. By the time I was done stretching and warming up (about 20 minutes) the tingling feeling wasn’t really present anymore.

I did feel a lot more awake than I was before I took the pre-workout. This is likely attributed to the caffeine, although I have to say I did not feel jittery what so ever. I do have a generally higher tolerance to caffeine and I do not get jittery very easy, but the 350mg of caffeine should have been enough to get me jittery. However even on the 3rd day taking the full dose, I did not feel jittery at all, the amino acid L-theanine did its job finely making the energy rush smoother and more enjoyable.

Overall the first 30-40 minutes of taking Pulse was pleasant and I did not feel nauseous or feel like my heart was going to pop out of my chest. Thumbs up!

The Workout

After getting my stretching and warm up in it was now time for the workout itself.

Most of the time when you are taking pre-workout you get this pump like your ready to rip the door off its hinge kind of pump, along with feeling extremely jittery.

I have to give it to Pulse for delivering a clean pump with no jitteriness. The one thing that I noticed was that I was able to do my lifts clean and controlled. I didn’t have that feeling like I needed to get through because I felt super amped up. It was a very clean pump, I felt more focused on my workout, and I felt calm but more energetic.

I have to say though I that I really felt no difference in the workout between the 3 days of me taking different doses. That could be because the doses of the ingredients for Pulse is already high in the first place so even half of the suggested dose might still work just fine for some of you. I was personally happy by discovering that because now my 21 serving container is now a 42 serving container if I’m only going to be using half the serving size.

Overall the workout was great. I haven’t had a pre-workout that made such a clean pump before. Some people might not like this because I know there are some people out there that enjoy that crazy pumped up jittery feeling.

The Crash

I never had one! That’s right, I never had a crash! I feel like there is enough caffeine in this to keep you awake for a while. If anything I feel like Pulse helped me stay up later for those late nights I was working.Workout Crash

So for me personally I never had a crash after taking Pulse. Like always it does vary from person to person so that doesn’t guarantee that you might not get a crash.

The Verdict Is…

I loved it! I think Pulse is great. It delivers on Legions promise of making an all natural product, with ingredients that are backed by peer-reviewed scientific research. If you haven’t tried it out I think you should at least give it a shot.

Pulse doesn’t give you usual jittery feeling when you take pre-workout but instead enhances your focus and a clean pump that will help your endurance and strength so you can work out longer and harder.

The doses are high in Pulse so if you’re like me and prefer to only use 1 scoop to their suggested 2 scoops you should be able to do so without losing too much pop.

If you are someone who is just looking for a pre-workout that doesn’t have artificial sweeteners’, flavoring, food dyes or any unnecessary fillers Pulse has got you covered.

Pulse is more on the expensive side when it comes to pre-workouts, but if you’re only using 1 scoop like myself than it isn’t too bad.

Have you tried Pulse? How did you like it? Let me know in the comments below! Happy Lifting!

Pulse Pre Workout Watermelon
Pulse Pre Workout Watermelon
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  1. Great review man

    I am an athlete and was looking for a product just like this that doesn’t give me a crash. I want to try it soon and see what it will do to me because I am tired of products that give me a crash after my workouts.
    Thanx again.

    • Thanks awesome! I’m glad you enjoyed the review. It honestly was a very clean pre workout. Very well made. Might be a little high in caffeine for some but it doesn’t make you jittery. Thanks for reading1

  2. My trainer suggested I take a preworkout which has a Citrulline Malate for more energy so I can go harder in the gym. I am 170 lbs. and do you think 8 gram Citrulline Malate enough for me? What do you think?

    • it really just depends what your trying to accomplish with your workout. 6 grams is the minimal you need to notice any difference and there are some people that take 18 grams. I have taken it before by itself and find about 8 grams works well for me and i’m 220lbs.

  3. Thanks for the review Tony! I’ve been thinking about trying an “official” pre workout for a while. I’ve been lifting for around ten years and mostly I do it to keep healthy as I’m a desk jockey by day. Every now and then I get the urge and motivation to push my lifts up. To get that extra umph, my go to pre workout supplements are caffeine (either coffee or pill) and nicotine (pill, smoking kills). This combo really wakes your CNS and you can tell the effect in compound movements like squats and bench press but especially in explosive movements like cleans and snatches. I’ve pretty much ditched the nicotine since the science is inconclusive about it’s health effects (when not ingested from tobacco) and I just might try pulse!

  4. That sounds like a good product. When I used to work out regularly some years ago, my training days were never the same. I really could have used some pre workout to get me on a good level. Will recommend it, though.

  5. Appreciate the review on Pulse for someone’s pre-workout. I like that there are a lot of natural ingredients included. I might have to try it someday and see if it helps with my running workouts. Like you, I’d probably just do half of the suggested serving, actually I usually do half of the suggested serving on both pre and post-workout drinks, once and a while I’ll do more. Do they have any other flavors besides watermelon? Thanks again for the review!

    • How silly of me to not add the flavors, I will make sure to update that. They make it in Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Green Apple, Grape and Cherry Limeade

  6. I used to just take whatever pre workout I could get my hands on but recently I started paying attention more to what ingredients some of these pre workout makers are putting into these supplements. Thank you for the great article. I haven’t tried Pulse but I might have to give it a shot.

  7. I never tried it, but after this review, I think I have to give it a try, I’m sticked with the one I have now, but maybe a change isn’t bad!

    • Hello Emmanuel, sometimes change isn’t too bad. I like to try out new pre workouts because I feel like the market can always improve when it comes to supplements.

  8. I find that the caffeine content of most pre workout shakes much more than it needs to be. I uses then occasionally but a cup of coffee is enough of a stimulant for me. Like you I would only use one scoop, and I find long workouts counterproductive. $40 bucks seems on the expensive side for this no? What other brands have you tried and felt as good about?

  9. This is a well written and presented article on what looks like a great product! Back in the day when I played football and worked out a lot, there weren’t nearly as many options as there are now.
    I’ve started a new program and joined a gym, and you have made a confusing decision much easier !

    • Awesome I’m glad you have found it helpful. The amount of supplements that are on the market these days are astounding and the crazy thing is that more and more products are being introduced into the market every single day. Athletes really do have a lot more upper edge these days and that isn’t only saying for supplements. With state of the art equipment and nutritionist you practically could get every nutrient your body needs to perform at its best.

  10. Pre-workout usually makes me itchy for some reason, but it does give me energy. Unfortunately I bought this one brand off Amazon and looked like water got into it, gross and couldn’t get a refund.
    Anyways, pre-workouts just depend on the type of person. I really like how Legion Pulse keeps out the junk and fillers, hard to find those kinds of products.

    • That itchy tingly sensation is pretty normal for most pre workouts. One of the ingredients in pre workout specifically makes this tingling feeling. That is an unfortunate situation you had there with the product you bought off of amazon.

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